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About is run by me, Anna. I have it as a place to release themes that I make, currently on a hobby basis. The themes will mainly be WordPress themes as that is what I have the most experience with so far. You'll probably notice that I won't be updating very often, nor do I have an intention to, but I hope to at least present new themes at a fairly regular basis (remember that once a year is still regularly).

So why do I use Drupal for this site and not WordPress?
Well, although WordPress is a great blog tool, which can in some ways be adapted to act as a CMS, I feel that Drupal is more built for the task, it is after all a full CMS already. As such Drupal provides better flexibility then WordPress.

Another reason for using Drupal is simply that I wanted to learn how to use it, and eventually start creating skins for Drupal as well. The theme that i use is actually my second attempt of making a Drupal theme, the first got thrown in the bin before it was fully completed.

Also I have incorporated a forum, which will be used for support for the themes I create. But it will also be available if you have general questions about designing for the web.

I am in no way an expert on the subject but I have taken a couple courses at university about basic (x)html and css coding. And from there I have moved on to a trial and error type of education on my own, with great help from the world wide web, search engines are your friends.