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Submitted by Anna on Thu, 03/05/2015 - 16:18

This site has been inactive for long, but hopefully that will change soon.

For starters I will give the site a long overdue upgrade to Drupal 7. Nothing wrong with using Drupal 6 though, it is still supported and maintained. However seeing as Drupal 8 is coming into beta stage I realise that Drupal 6 have a limited life spam remaining, which tells me I should start looking at switching to the next version.

During the upgrade process a new look will also be implemented, some functionality might change a bit in the process as well.

I won't give any timetable for this, as it is still something I do as a side project for my own amusement on the spare time I have available to me.

Some changes to colors

Submitted by Anna on Tue, 10/05/2010 - 18:43

I have decided I want to bring more color to this site, and have therefor started changing a few things.

Over all there's not gonna be a huge change though, I just want something to "break off" and stick out a little. Move away from the grayer shades of green that are present in some parts of the site. Bring in some more lively colors. 

Forums is about to get an overhaul

Submitted by Anna on Tue, 04/06/2010 - 16:34

I have started the process of making the forums match, gonna be a timeconsuming task it would seem. There's more then 100 files in the templatesystem for phpBB, wonder how many I need to actually make changes to?

Hopefully the new theme is ready for live use by the end of the week, but there's no guarantees at all. Creating graphics will be the most timeconsuming part I think, there's a lot small ones.

It'll be interesting to figure out how it all comes together :) 

Edit/Add: Things have gotten in my way... As you can see the new forum theme is not yet released, working on it though. The available time has been a bit less then I hoped for.

Edit/Add2: It's progressing... Ran into a weird issue which I spend a lot time on trying to solve only to realize I was trying in the wrong end of the process :( reading the instructions revealed the 1 minute fix for it 

Minor design change

Submitted by Anna on Wed, 03/31/2010 - 19:26

As you might see there's been a minor change in the layout.

There's still a bit of tweaking left to do, I just don't know what/how I wanna change it. One idea is to add a contrasting/additional color, the big question is which, and how to best add it.

Another thing that I intend to change is how the generic layout is made, for this I at least have an idea.

Themeing for Drupal has been an interetsing learning curve, this theme is not gonna be releases though, it is to much customized to work with the modules I use.

I have also added a small shoutbox, which definitely needs some work in regards of layout, but for now I'll leave that as it is. Those changes will be done once the overall layout and design has reached it's final state. Hopefully it will actually do that sometime soon.

The community is gonna get an overhaul as well to match, that is gonna be an interesting project to take on I'm sure. The current is designed using tables so it is not gonna be a suitable theme to start with, I will most surely use css styling as much as possible, tables should be used for displaying tables and not to position stuff.

I still need to add the [Freelinking: External target “http://WordPress Themes” not found] I have to this site, but on the other hand the links inside those themes does lead to my other site so it's no hurry.

Redesigning again...

Submitted by Anna on Mon, 03/15/2010 - 17:59

I won't start from scratch this time, it won't even be very a very big change I guess. But there will be a slight change to give the theme a little more fluid width option, or at the very least allow it to be a little wider.

I'm starting to realize that although this layout would work well with a blog, it won't really be suitable for my intentions and needs. Therefor I need to re-arrange some things slightly. With a little luck it'll stay at just that, a slight re-arranging of the layout.